• Classroom practices highlighted by building and district administration.

• Designed cooperative learning lesson plans.

• Designed school wide SEL participation lesson plan.

• Developed Visual Thinking Strategies into daily warm up activities.

• Upcycled materials to expand student experience.

• Developed a focus in middle school art on divergent to convergent thinking in the art making process.

• Effective use of non verbal direction to gain student attention, give direction and organize class time.

• Taught AP Drawing.

• Directed Dunbar Winter Art Expo and an interactive Spring Art Show.

• Sought out art opportunities outside of school building for students.

• Practiced and received training for Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports (PBIS).

• Cleaned and organized tools and materials left behind from the previous 25 years into stations allowing students to be in charge of tools and materials.

• Successfully created cooperative learning projects.

• Offered Art Club during lunch hour.

• Worked closely with special education teachers and counselors to develop rigorous and engaging lessons.

• Grant recipient to attend NAEA Conference.

• Chosen to attend the 2020 Michigan Association for Computer Users in Learning (MACUL) Conference for professional learning.

• Served as a board member at The James Memorial Art Center for 3 years.

• Participated in student/teacher basketball and talent shows.

• Clear and proud supporter of BLM & LGBTQ.

• Designed and ran my own summer youth golf program.

Student quotes:

“Go see Mr. Westby, he’s always got something good to say about our art.”

S1: “Who’s that?” S2: “That’s my mans Mr. Westby.”

“You really do listen to us.”

*student pops out of store “Hey Mr. Westby.”

“Thank you.”