The following lesson plans are sometimes incomplete and imperfect – BUT we had fun making and learning. These lessons were developed for grades 5-8 in a rural Michigan school district.

Grades 5-8: Project Planner Spreadsheet

Grade 5: Rockin’ Blocks & Student Examples

Grade 5: BIG Paper Project & Student Examples

Grade 5: Love, Love, LOVE (Part 1)

Grade 5: Love, Love, LOVE (Part 2)

Grade 5: Love, Love, LOVE (Part 3)

Grade 6: The Greatest Meal …EVER!!! (Part 1)

Grade 6: The Greatest Meal …EVER!!! (Part 2)

Grade 6: The Greatest Meal …EVER!!! (Part 3)

Grade 5/6: A Whole New World

Grade 5/6:
Unlocking/Unblocking Ideas & Thoughts Unit
Hands On Hands
Divergent Thinking

Grade 7: Copycat Painting & Student Examples

Grade 7/8: Inspirational Poster Design & Student Examples

Grade 8: Paper Mache’ & Student Examples

Grade 8: One Word to Rule Them All & Student Examples

All Grade Levels:
Game Changer

All Grade Levels Game: Guess Whose Art – May 2019

All Grade Levels Sub Packet: Appropriation

Art/Creativity Challenges Packet #1 for Spring 2020 COVID-19

Power Bar Reflection & Student Examples

You will need to request access for the moment to some lesson plans and student examples. Iā€™m happy to share for those that ask šŸ™‚